Brownies, Blondies & Other Cookies

Strictly speaking, brownies and blondies are cookies.

Fudge brownies, cheesecake brownies, butterscotch, choco chip cookies, chocolate crinkles, cookie bars and squares... you'll find them all in this section.

Oatmeal and lime custard bars


Something like lemon squares but with a lot more texture in the crust because of the inclusion of rolled outs. The crunchy texture is repeated on top in the modified streusel topping. And between all that crunch is a zesty custard that is more milk than eggs. Really delicious and very easy to make.One caveat, though -- when the baking tray comes out of the oven, you … [Read more...]

How to slice brownies (and other cookie bars) neatly


There was an e-mail from reader Katy asking if I use any special equipment for baking brownies. In particular, she wants to know how my brownie slices come out neat. Okay, I admit that cutting brownies, especially fudgy brownies, can be tricky. Do it wrong and you can get large chunks stuck on the knife ruining the shape of the brownies. … [Read more...]

Oats, nuts, chocolate and caramel squares


Inspired by a turtle bars recipe (I don't really know the definition for turtle bars), these nuggets contain oats, nuts, chocolate, sugar, flour, butter and caramel. No eggs which should make them vegetarian-friendly. When the flour, oats, nuts, sugar and butter meld together during baking, something crisp results. Because those crisp parts are interspersed with creamy … [Read more...]

Peanut butter cookie squares with chocolate and dulce de leche filling


So, I was browsing Pinterest looking for a baking project that didn't require using too many utensils, and I came across a photo of very tempting cookie squares from The Girl Who Ate EverythingI clicked, scanned the recipe, and the filling of chocolate and sweetened condensed milk raised an alarm in my head. Not the emergency alarm one associates with accidents. Rather, … [Read more...]

Cashew nut cinnamon sugar cookies


I baked two batches over the weekend. With a mere 18-hour interval, believe it or not. The first batch was consumed so fast and everyone was clamoring for a second batch. Apparently, my family is smitten with cinnamon and nutmeg more than they are with vanilla. Every baked product I have recently made with cinnamon and nutmeg had been consumed fast.What exactly are … [Read more...]

Vanilla melting moments


The first eggless cookies I've made -- unless I count the no-bake bake chocolate–almonds–cream cheese cookie squares. Melting moments cookies require baking.I searched for some explanation for the name, couldn't find any, but I suppose it's really self-explanatory. These cookies have that melt-in-the-mouth texture. Made with an insane amount of butter (which makes it … [Read more...]

Butterscotch cheesecake brownies


This is a variation of the fudgy cheesecake brownies in the archive. Cream cheese is swirled into the butterscotch brownie batter to create a marbled creamy topping. This is also my second attempt at making butterscotch cheesecake brownies. The first time I made them, I didn't have enough cream cheese for the topping (because Speedy and Alex had consumed half of the … [Read more...]

Made-in-heaven brownies (because there’s really nothing slutty about them)


When I first came across these three-layered brownies, they were called slutty brownies. Apparently, the "slutty" part is descriptive of the messy state of the brownies, gooey chocolate and all, if they are cut and served warm. But I'm a little OC about kitchen mess. Naturally, I let the brownies cool just enough to make the chocolate in the bottom layer firm enough to cut … [Read more...]

Peaches and cream cheese cookie bars


It may look like a pie but it isn't. It's two layers of cookies with peaches and cream cheese in between. Just make a basic butter cookie dough, spread a third on the bottom of a pan, pile the sliced peaches on top, cover with cream cheese then drop the remaining cookie dough by teaspoonfuls on top. Bake and voila!Very simple to make but, like most of the best things in … [Read more...]

Dulce de leche cookie bars


How do I describe these sweet nuggets? Two layers of butter cookies -- firm and compact underneath, and crumbly on top -- and, in between, a generous layer of homemade dulce de leche lightly sprinkled with sea salt. At first bite, you get the crunch of the bottom later and the loose crumbs on top. Then, as your teeth sinks into the bar, the soft and creamy sensation that … [Read more...]