Cake Recipes

Sponge cakes, butter-type cakes, cheesecakes. Simple, fancy, light, fudgey. And everything in between.

Salted caramel cinnamon cake

One of life’s simplest pleasures has got to be eating cake or bread still warm from the oven. In my dream world, I’m up before the crack of dawn everyday and, by the time the sun is up and my family is getting ready for the day, there will be warm cake or bread on the breakfast table. And, on the side, homemade jam and cheese, and home-cured ham.

But I have yet to find that intersection between my dream world and my real world. Yes, I bake breads and cakes. Yes, we occasionally make jam. Yes, I have made ham (no preservatives, of course). No, I haven’t tried making cheese yet. The part that ruins my dream world is that we never seem to have home baked bread or cake, homemade jam and home-cured ham all on the same day.

Maybe, someday, when we’re better organized and we have the proper storage space… For now, we’re happy enough that we get to enjoy home baked bread and cakes even when there’s no homemade jam or ham to go with them.

Because Sam loves cinnamon rolls, I baked a cake version for her. Well, for all of us, actually. This was breakfast a couple of weeks ago. »

Tri-colored cake with chocolate glaze


Sometimes, it's not how many cake recipes you know but, rather, how versatile a basic cake recipe is that you can make a dozen different things with it. It's like having a good homemade broth formula. When you have good broth, the sky's the limit as … »

Lemon chiffon cake with lemon glaze


The aroma is in the cake; the tang is in the glaze. Why? Because the lemon zest went into the cake while the lemon juice went into the glaze. If you have't discovered it yet, lemon zest is highly aromatic but without any substantial tang. It is the … »

Choco-vanilla marble chiffon cake


When they were younger, the girls loved Goldilocks mocha-vanilla chiffon cake. You know, the one sold by the slice? That and the chicken pie were the only Goldilocks items we bought. Well, until the crust of the chicken pie became bread-like rather … »

Celebration cake


Yesterday called for an unexpected celebration and I was inspired to bake a cake that reflected my feelings — brilliantly dazzling and stupendous. This cake, which I call my celebration cake because no name could be more apt, is made with a … »

Cream cheese coffee cake with cinnamon streusel topping


My favorite butter cake baked with a twist -- a cream cheese filling and streusel topping. Can you imagine? A split cake with custard or frosting layer in the middle is common enough. But a cream cheese filling? What a surprise. And guess what? You … »

Tiramisu with Kahlua


I’ve made tiramisu with ladyfingers and I’ve made a version served in wineglasses. Last Sunday, I made yet another variation of tiramisu — with the softest and moistest sponge cake which I drizzled with strong coffee spiked with … »

Eye-candy cake with chocolate ganache


If you've been following this blog long enough, you might remember the zebra cake and the rainbow cake from three years ago. This cake -- and I really can't think of a better name for it except eye candy because it is so, so, soooo pretty -- is a … »

Mango cheese pie: something between a cheesecake and a custard


It has a graham cracker crust and it is baked but at a lower temperature and without the baine marie. It has all the traditional ingredients for a cheesecake -- cream cheese, cream, sugar and eggs. Yet, it is not a cheesecake. It's a pie that is not … »