Artisan (homebaked) bread

Hand-crafted, hand-kneaded bread: From basic loaves and buns to fancy sweet concoctions.


Southern-style biscuits

It's funny how terms can be both simple and confusing. When I was a kid, biscuits meant crisp, flat and unsweetened bread. If they were sweet, they were cookies. Simple. Then, … [Read more...]


Sesame seed mini loaf bread

So, I was saying in a recent post that the basic bread recipe I have been using is versatile enough to create bread other than pan de sal. In the past, I have used the same … [Read more...]


Basic bread recipe

Every bread baker has his own basic formula for creating what, in his opinion, is the best bread. I have no idea what "best bread" means because everyone has his preference. … [Read more...]


Basil and garlic focaccia

In a post I published four and a half years ago, I mentioned that everyone in my family has a unique favorite bread. Alex's favorite is focaccia. That hasn't changed in four … [Read more...]