Artisan (homebaked) bread

Hand-crafted, hand-kneaded bread: From basic loaves and buns to fancy sweet concoctions.

Corn bread with ham and cheese


Not all breads are made with yeast. Some are made with baking soda or baking powder while some, like flatbreads, contain no leavening agents at all.These loaves of corn bread are made with the same recipe as the 3-cheese mini corn muffins except for the addition of chopped smoked ham. The amount of ingredients in the recipe plus about half a cup of chopped ham will … [Read more...]

Southern-style biscuits


It's funny how terms can be both simple and confusing. When I was a kid, biscuits meant crisp, flat and unsweetened bread. If they were sweet, they were cookies. Simple. Then, I grew up. You'd think that by learning more and broadening one's horizons, things would get even clearer but that wasn't what happened. I learned that the things I called biscuits as a kid were … [Read more...]

Bread cups with sisig ang cheesy spinach filling


They're not cupcakes nor muffins. They're not mini-pies either because they aren't made with pie crust. They are bread cups. The casing is made with bread dough and the filling consists of two parts -- sisig, that delightful dish made with chopped pig's head, and a spinach and cream cheese filling. For the finishing touch, a generous sprinkle of grated sharp … [Read more...]

Sticky buns, 2 versions: simple and fancy


What differentiates a sticky bun from a cinnamon roll? In making cinnamon rolls, the dough is rolled thinly, spread with butter, cinnamon and brown sugar, rolled into a log, cut and baked. Yes, there is a cinnamon roll recipe in the archive. I'm of the no-glaze, no-icing school primarily because I like to savor the texture of good bread and the natural flavor of the spice. … [Read more...]

Pull-apart bread: with cheese or with cinnamon sugar


What exactly is pull-apart bread? At its most basic, it means a loaf of small pieces of bread that separate when pulled apart. The dough is rolled, spread with a filling (often, butter-based) then cut into strips. The strips are stacked on top of each other then cut into squares. The squares are stuffed into a pan and baked. When cooked, you have small pieces of bread that … [Read more...]

Sesame seed mini loaf bread


So, I was saying in a recent post that the basic bread recipe I have been using is versatile enough to create bread other than pan de sal. In the past, I have used the same recipe to make meat rolls and ham and cheese bread but using twice as much sugar to make the bread sweeter to create a better balance with the salty filling.This time, we used the basic bread recipe, … [Read more...]

Basic bread recipe


Every bread baker has his own basic formula for creating what, in his opinion, is the best bread. I have no idea what "best bread" means because everyone has his preference. The peg, for some, is the health value and they opt for breads made with whole grain flour. For others, it is the softness and fineness of the grain of the bread. And, for some others, it is crusty … [Read more...]

Artisan bread-making: an ambitious project and exciting adventure


I've read a lot of American and English books where people reminisce about coming home from school to the smell of newly baked cookies wafting from their home kitchen. I don't have such memories. My mother neither cooked nor baked. And, from grade school through high school, my brother and I were often home earlier than she was because she didn't leave the office until … [Read more...]

Basil and garlic focaccia


In a post I published four and a half years ago, I mentioned that everyone in my family has a unique favorite bread. Alex's favorite is focaccia. That hasn't changed in four and a half years. What has changed is the price of focaccia. My goodness, you'd think special equipment are used for baking the Italian flat bread to command such prices.So, not wanting to feel … [Read more...]

Is it “donuts” or “doughnuts”? Whatever. These are homemade.


Depending on my mood, I like my donuts plain or fancy. When I'm feeling nostalgic, I spell them as "doughnuts." Whatever the spelling, and whether plain or fancy, I have to have them with coffee. I've come to think of donuts and coffee as things that naturally and logically go together. You know, like Antony and Cleopatra. Or Phineas and Ferb.When we were still living in … [Read more...]