Microwave mug cake recipes

Microwave chocolate chip cake

Microwave chocolate chip cake

A bad, bad craving for something sweet led to the creation of these microwave cakes. I didn’t eat much during lunch today and, by mid-afternoon, my stomach was growling. I could have made a sandwich but I wanted something sweet. Fastest and easiest route to satisfy the craving? The microwave oven, of course.

This isn’t a fussy recipe. You just need one bowl. You don’t need an electric mixer, you don’t even need a wire whisk, a fork will do.

How long is the baking time? One minute and 30 seconds flat. »

Microwave banana and nut cake with streusel topping


Overripe bananas are best for baking banana cake. In our house, however, where bananas often disappear before they become overripe, I had to ask people not to touch the last two bananas to allow them to become overripe because I so wanted to try and make a microwave version of banana cake.I did last Sunday. Three cakes … »

Microwave carrot cupcakes


So, as I was saying... I’m experimenting on whether regular cake/cupcake recipes can be done in the microwave, period. Maybe just a matter of getting the setting and baking time right. And here's the result of the first experiment.I mixed a carrot cake batter using a recipe not meant for a regular oven. I poured the … »

Microwave chocolate cupcakes


When there's just Speedy and me at home -- and that's five days out of every week -- I try to refrain from baking. And it's so darn hard to control myself especially when the itch to patter in the kitchen strikes. But a whole cake or pie (even small ones), a whole tray of cookies or brownies, an entire bunch of cupcakes or … »