Recipes for Muffins & Cupcakes

Double lime cupcakes

Double lime cupcakes

It’s the basic butter cupcake — with lime. Why “double”? Because there’s lime in the cupcakes and lime in the glaze. But lime is a citrus — won’t all that lime make the cupcakes too tart? No, actually, all that lime makes the cupcakes truly delicious. Lime zest goes into the batter making it very aromatic with a hint of lime flavor but no tartness. The glaze is made with powdered sugar and lime juice, and is just the perfect balance between tart and sweet. »

3-cheese mini corn muffins


Based on the corn muffins a la Kenny Rogers in the archive, these mini muffins are made tastier with the addition of three different kinds of cheese and chopped parsley. I used jalapeño cheddar (found at S&R), feta and mozzarella. Hot cheddar, salty feta and gooey mozzarella. You can use some other cheese combination if … »

Orange-glazed blueberry muffins


The recipe that inspired these breakfast muffins was labeled as "baked donuts." Since I don't have donut baking pans, I improvised by using something quite-similar -- mini-tube pans. However, after eating one of these baked goodies, I couldn't bring myself to call them donuts. They simply aren't. Cooking something in the … »

Bacon, cheese and pepper muffins


This recipe was originally published on September 8, 2009. I have included step-by-step photos to make the instructions more illustrative. Enjoy!I saw these bacon onion cheddar biscuits and I wanted to make something similar. Not biscuits though but muffins. For brunch. I went through the ingredients and realized that … »

Breakfast sugar and cinnamon (a.k.a. French toast) muffins


There are several versions of this sugar and cinnamon muffins on the web, and most say they are meant for breakfast. Well, I don't see why enjoying them has to be confined to a certain time of the day. We had these muffins with coffee just before the sun went down and I think we'll be having them for dessert later. Oh, yes, … »

Chocolate cupcakes with crème brûlée frosting


Chocolate AND custard. Plus a little crunch from the caramelized sugar on top. Can you imagine? It's not a new idea. If you Google "crème brûlée cupcakes", you'll get quite a number of pages in the result. Most, however, use yellow or vanilla batter for the cupcakes. Why did I go chocolate? I was inspired by a photo on … »

Vanilla streusel cupcakes


Alex came home last weekend looking tired and wan. But I was ready with some comfort food. I talked to her a few nights earlier and she had a very specific request -- vanilla cupcakes with streusel topping. And they were ready by the time she got home.What does "vanilla streusel cupcake" mean? The most common mixture for … »

Jam-filled cupcakes


My girls love cupcakes so I bake when they're home on weekends. Seems to be the only practical time to do it anyway. A cupcake recipe usually yields eight to 12 cupcakes which are too much for Speedy and myself. But when everyone's home, eight to 12 cupcakes are rarely too much.Last night, I was baking butter cupcakes … »

The midnight bakers, and my Christmas and New Year digest


Alex has a potluck affair in school later today so, late last night, I baked a huge batch of butterscotch cookies with white chocolate morsels for her to bring (I will post the recipe later). But Sam also wanted to experiment with a marshmallow frosting so, after the second tray of cookies came out of the oven, in went two … »

Recipe for basic butter cake (or cupcakes)


Recently, I posted a recipe for the basic sponge cake which I have used as the base for many baking projects. There is also a basic muffin recipe to which I add extras to vary the look and flavor each time.This is the best basic butter cake recipe I have come across, so far. Soft and moist with all the buttery … »