Recipes for Pies & Tarts


Salted caramel cheese tart

Cheesecake is not something you can cut and serve straight out of the oven. A cheesecake has to cool slowly and thoroughly, and chilled for best results. It's the same with … [Read more...]


Apple and almond strudel

A strudel is a pastry that consists of a filling (often but not always sweet) wrapped in dough. To be more illustrative, the dough is laid out, the filling spread on it, then … [Read more...]


Banoffee tartlets

The origin of banoffee pie is British as its invention is claimed by Ian Dowding and Nigel Mackenzie of The Hungry Monk Restaurant. The term "banoffee" means a combination of … [Read more...]


White and dark chocolate pie

Another no-bake dessert. A soft and gooey chocolate pie based on a recipe from Martha Stewart's Pies and Tarts cookbook, a copy of which my younger daughter, Alex, gave me on … [Read more...]


Old-fashioned apple pie

It feels like a lifetime ago when I baked my first apple pie. I've been using the same recipe and technique for years until, quite by accident, I saw a TV show where the baker … [Read more...]


Mango custard tart

The plan to bake The Pioneer Woman's Key Lime Pie, Sorta, was set aside to give way to my daughters' request for a mango custard tart instead. Can't say it was a bad decision … [Read more...]